CTI supporting Monterey Technologies Inc. on OSD RIF Effort

July 2017

CTI is supporting its partner (and prime contractor) Monterey Technologies Inc. (or MTI) on an OSD Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) program focused on collaborative strike planning, non-kinetic effects employment, and future mission planning architectures and approaches.  The teaming between MTI’s strike planning and CTI’s non-kinetic effects planning capabilities is a powerful one for providing this unique capability. More information on MTI can be found here

CTI Personnel attended “Quad” CCIB 17-1

June 2017

CTI personnel travelled to Singapore to attend the Quadrilateral Command and Control Interoperability Board.  The intent of this meeting was to enable and ensure interoperability between the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.  CTI’s role at the event was to support the United States contingent for spectrum interoperability knowledge, technologies, and capabilities.

CTI participates in Cyber Quest 2017

June 2017

CTI personnel participated in the Army’s Cyber Quest 2017 held in Fort Gordon, GA. CTI and partners demonstrated capabilities related to Army Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) in a Denied Environment – See more by clicking here


May 2017

CTI attending LANPAC Symposium and Exposition

CTI personnel will be attending the 2017 LANPAC Symposium and Exposition in Honolulu, HI from 23-25 May 2017. The theme for this conference is “Land Forces in the pacific: Advancing Joint and Multi-National Integration.”

April 2017

CTI to attend SOFIC 2017

CTI personal will once again attend the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC). SOFIC is the “premier venue for the SOF community to interact with industry and to collaborate on the challenges, initiatives and way-ahead in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities into the hands of SOF operators.”

March 2017

CTI Attending PACOM Operational Science & Technology Conference

CTI personnel are attending the 2017 PACOM Operational S&T (POST) conference hosted by the U.S. Pacific Command and NDIA. The theme for this year is “Partnering in Science and Technology to Ensure Peace and Stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific” and is being held March 6-10 in Honolulu, HI.


CTI has been awarded the SOCOM163-005 Small Business Innovative Research Phase 1 program which is titled “Cloud Data Synchronization with Limited Bandwidth Communications“. Focused on synchronizing sensor and analytic results to, from, and across cloud infrastructures utilizing disadvantaged, intermittent, and low bandwidth (DIL) communications, the technology developed under this SBIR will provide more timely access to relevant data, reduce the personnel footprint for forward operations, and addressing threats in dynamic environments more effectively.

February 2017

CTI to participate in CyberQuest 2017

Having had great success participating in the inaugural year of CyberQuest in 2016, CTI will continue to support this Army Cyber and Electronic Warfare (EW) experiment with its advanced integration and visualization/decision support capabilities. CTI will also build on its Thunderstorm “integration fabric” to facilitate systems like the EW Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT), Coalition Joint Spectrum Management and Planning Tool (CJSMPT), and other systems receiving data from and controlling the live, networked sensor/EW array.

CTI to participate in NIE 17.2

CTI is part of a government/industry team showing dismounted Electronic Warfare (EW) and Spectrum Situation Awareness capabilities. The Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) events enable “the Army to synchronize efforts from multiple organizations and stakeholders to obtain insights, recommendations and implementation strategies which provides better information to decision-makers to meet the needs of the Army within budget constraints”.

January 2017

CTI’s 2017 Underway

CTI has a big year planned in 2017 with participation and support of a number of events including Trident Spectre, CyberQuest, The Army’s Network Integration Evaluation (NIE), Northern Edge, Pacific Sentry, and others. CTI will also continue to expand on its Merlin, Caper, Thunderstorm, and other product lines for its many customers. Finally, CTI will be attending a number of symposia and conventions including ones hosted by the Association of Old Crows (AOC), the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), and others. Happy New Year!

December 2016

CTI Closes Out 2016

CTI closed out 2016 attending and hosting a number of events including speaking at the AOC Pacific Conference as well as at the AOC International Symposium and Convention. CTI also hosted its Colorado and California holiday parties for its employees and close business associates. CTI wishes a Happy New Year to all of its customers, partners, and users.

November 2016

CTI to attend AFCEA TechNet Asia-Pacific

CTI personnel will be attending the AFCEA TechNet Asia-Pacific conference in Hawaii from November 15-17. This conference “is the largest event in the Pacific Rim focusing on regional defense issues.”

CTI to speak at AOC International Symposium and Convention

CTI will present its “Enterprise to the Edge” concept and capabilities at the AOC International Convention. This concept encompasses the capabilities CTI demonstrated at the CyberQuest 2016 exercise as well as new concepts and approaches for an “enterprise-like” experience at the tactical edge.

CTI to sponsor the Golf Scramble at AOC Pacific

CTI is pleased to sponsor the gold scramble event at the 5th AOC Pacific Conference for the second year in a row. This event will occur on 07 November 2016 at the Walter C. Nagorski Golf Course at Fort Shafter.

October 2016

CTI to support government demonstration at CEMA 2016

CTI will be supporting a joint demonstration of DARPA’s RadioMap technology at the CEMA 2016 conference in conjunction with DARPA, USASFC, JHU/APL, NettWarrior, PM EW&C, I2WD, and the JTNC. The demo will showcase tactical, networked, mounted and dismounted sensor fusion for spectrum situation awareness.

CTI at CEMA 2016 Conference in Aberdeen

CTI presented its “Enterprise to the Edge” concept and supported a government demonstration of DARPA’s RadioMap technology at the 2nd annual CEMA conference in Aberdeen, MD.

CTI to speak at AOC Pacific Conference

CTI will present its “Non-Kinetic Warfighting Continuum within a Hybrid Warfare Environment” concept and capabilities at the AOC Pacific Conference. This integrated warfighting approach shows that planning and executing missions across all phases of operations within the non-kinetic continuum requires unprecedented data sharing, analytic, and visualization capabilities.

August 2016

CTI Key Part of USMC Intrepid Tiger II Rotary Wing Deployment

CTI engineers continue play a key role performing system and software engineering in support of Point Mugu and the USMC in development and deployment of the latest Intrepid Tiger II capability.

CTI Personnel Attend and Speak at AFCEA TechNet Augusta

CTI attended and spoke at the recent AFCEA TechNet Augusta event in Augusta, GA. The theme for the event, “Cyber in the Combined Arms Fight” was held August 2-4, 2016. CTI was selected to speak as part of an academic panel on its “Enterprise to the Edge (E2E)” concept which highlighted CTI’s role in the CyberQuest 2016 exercise.