Delivering Advanced Technologies


CTI offers a full range of systems engineering capabilities to include:

  • Full system architecture & design
  • System development
  • System integration
  • System deployment support

Our engineering efforts are many and diverse including: electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) sensor integration, radar system integration, precision navigation system integration, line-of-sight, satellite, and HF voice & data link integration, and advanced signals intelligence sensor integration (including cellular, direction finding, and geo-location).

But we don’t stop there…

We complete our team with solid, long-term working relationships with a number of other small companies that specialize in areas such as manufacturing, computer hardware, flight test, antenna design & fabrication, and other specialized capabilities. Successful teaming allows CTI to successfully execute larger programs than would seem impossible based on size alone.

Let us analyze your problem domain, determine a viable systems engineering solution, perform the necessary development and deliver and deploy an integrated capability.

Looking for high-quality engineering? Look no further!


Our Philosophy: “The best tool for the job”

What does this mean? It means that CTI’s experience and capabilities in modern software development are extensive. All of our engineers must be able to design and develop software in any language, for any platform, within any development environment. We use best common practices (requirements analysis, in-depth design, and modern visual tools and environments) mixed with modern approaches – agile programming.

We understand that “time is money”

CTI can quickly and effectively develop complex software systems in short periods of time. CTI has developed and deployed systems ranging from hundreds of lines of code to hundreds of thousands of lines of code and has helped develop and support systems comprised of millions of lines of code.

We are conversant in all modern high-order languages including C/C++, C#, Java, Ada, Scala, and other emerging technologies. CTI can develop software for Linux, Windows, embedded real-time, and other operating systems. CTI uses Unified Modeling Language (UML), XML Schema Documentation (XSD), and other modern modeling and design languages. Finally, CTI delivers extensive documentation in compliance with the latest IEEE and DoD standards.

What are your software development needs?


CTI provides operational support during all phases of program and system development which include:

  • Providing inputs during the requirements and design process
  • Acting as liaison between engineers and users
  • Performing rigorous operational test and evaluation
  • Supporting a system through deployment and use

CTI is extremely dedicated to our user base and we continuously strive to ensure that the systems and capabilities we design and develop are desired, relevant, and useful. CTI does not want our systems “gathering dust” but to be used each and every day by the warfighters and security personnel we support. To this end, CTI ensures that a large portion of our overall staff is operational in nature. This balance allows our engineers to fully understand the problem domains within which we build solutions. CTI is willing and capable of supporting deployed systems as well whether they operate within the continental United States or on foreign soil.

How can we support you?


CTI is capable of designing, developing, and integrating advanced visuals and visual tools in support of complex mission domains such as sensors, EW, weapons, etc. within any of NASA’s World Wind, FalconView, Ozone Widget Framework (OWF), Google Earth, and other DoD and commercial geographic information systems (GIS), mapping packages, thin-clients, and visualization environments.

CTI, along with its partner Tucker Innovations, is able to create custom visualizations for a variety of mission domains, capability areas, and requirements.

What can we visualize for you?